Wheelchair fraud is a growing concern not to be taken lightly. A patient recruiter for a medical equipment company was convicted by a Houston federal jury of healthcare fraud in a wheelchair fraud scheme. In this case, Medicare was billed for wheelchairs supposedly damaged in a hurricane that hit the area in 2008. Fraudulent claims were submitted to Medicare using a special code for items such as power wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories to replace the “damaged” or “lost” ones.

The recruiter was apparently paid a cut for providing beneficiaries free power wheelchairs in exchange for their Medicare information. The power wheelchairs then were charged to Medicare. In most cases, theses beneficiaries did not need a power wheelchair at all, let alone a new one.

Don’t be victimized twice, says the Fraud Dog, as in this latest scam. As you can see, the fraudster will take full advantage of someone even during a time of tragedy such as a hurricane. If you do, however, find yourself a fraud victim, Contego Services Group stands ready to: Shield – Protect – Defend. Contact us at 1.855.WE.SWARM (855.937.9276).


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