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Cyber Monday means great cyber deals but also be aware that the fraudster is hoping to lure you in and take your personal information, says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. Here are some things to look out for this Cyber Monday:

  1. Watch out for the “free iPad deals” – They are too good to be true.
  2. Ads that say “You have won”  just for looking on a shopping site, but first you must give them your information.
  3. Fake Deals” are not real deals – Fake and counterfeit products that are sold as the real thing.
  4. Fraudulent coupons online luring you to shop at a fraudsters website. Don’t take the bait, says Fraud Dog.
  5. Pinterest Spammy – social media lures you in to click on a picture only to receive waves of spam. Always click with care and be aware if you are getting rerouted to another site.
  6. Social media sites targeting your favorite shopping interest, only attempting to hack into your system and steal your personal information. Remember, the more you put on social media the more the fraudster learns how to scam you, so be cautious with what you post on social media.
  7. Free credit card scams for Cyber Monday, offering 0% interest – Be sure to read the fine print, as they may be just trying to get your personal information.
  8. Public WiFi areas when shopping online for Cyber Monday, means that cyber hackers may be close by.
  9. Gift card skimming – buying gift cards online, hackers reroute the gift card information and then use the gift card before your recipient does.
  10. Watch out for malware virus attacks and sudden “click here” pop ups.


Remember, the fraudster knows that Cyber Monday is all about shopping easy and fast online, which is just the right ingredients needed for the fraudster. Fraudsters love to hit quick and play upon your sense of urgency. Fraudsters want to get your information so they can utilize it for their own demise. Have fun on cyber Monday, but buyers beware that the fraudster may also be out there says Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog.



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