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Uncle Sam warns the consumer of scammers pretending to be IRS in order to steal your tax refund dollars.

Fraudsters impersonating IRS agents, by sending emails, phone calls, and texting the public hoping you will take the bait prior to April 15th deadline. During tax season, the fraudster are in a feeding frenzy breaking lose all their card tricks to scam you in order to get your tax refund money. Here are some of the scams to look out for.

  1. Phishing Scams – Counterfeit websites that look like the real web page, like to TurboTax, HR Block and other reputable online tax services.
  2. Vishing ScamsRobo-Calling – Robotic phone calling hoping you will answer the phone to sell you consumer help with your tax refund.
  3. Smishing Scams – Texting scams directed toward a deal on how to get your tax refund back fast.

The fraudster will go to great lengths to convince you they are the “real deal” when they are not. Don’t let scammers take your IRS refund money, says fraud expert Linda Webb,  aka Fraud Dog

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IRS warns of tax scams via phony emails, calls and letters Sacramento Bee (blog)
In Sunday’s column, we wrote about the late start to IRS tax refunds. But there’s another side of tax refunds the IRS wants you to know about: scams. With tax season underway, it’s warning taxpayers to be wary of bogus IRS emails, texts, calls and  See all stories on this topic Here

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