Thieves will use anything to separate you from your hard earned money- even toilet paper!  Last week four former telemarketers at FBK Products were sentenced in federal court for scamming customers into purchasing their new product.  They claimed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had mandated changes to the composition of toilet paper and without the latest batch of their product, Septic Remedy, the new paper would cause tank problems.

Prosecutors have alleged FBK Products would use high-pressure sales tactics, specifically targeting the elderly to sometimes buy more than 70 years’ worth of Septic Remedy.  These four sentenced are the bottom of this scam and the investigations continue into FBK Products and the people who organized the scheme.

If you take the time to think about this toilet paper scam; do a little research on the internet; you realize how ridiculous this sounds.   These salespeople do not give you the time to think or do any research , they use high pressure sales tactics to get you to purchase now.   Linda Webb aka Fraud Dog a leading fraud expert cautions that fraudsters will always try to indicate a “sense of urgency” to have you purchase quickly without thinking.  Remember take your time when buying something, especially when you know little about it. In today’s world the internet is a useful tool. Even the FRAUD DOG, President of Contego Services Group, a premier investigative company will utilize new internet tools, like SWARM NET, in order to utilize technology to fight fraud. Today’s consumers needs to fight back and arm themselves with internet resources.  For more information, call 1-855-WE-SWARM today.


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