Fraud Expert, Linda Webb, AKA The Fraud Dog, says the fraudster loves to recruit willing participants into their scams. Beware of the fraudster’s tempting treats to lure you in.

Tips for Avoiding Health Care Fraud or Health Insurance Fraud:

1. Never sign blank insurance claim forms.
2. Never give blanket authorization to a medical provider to bill for services rendered.
3. Ask your medical providers what they will charge and what you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket.
4. Carefully review your insurer’s explanation of the benefits statement. Call your insurer and provider if you have questions.
5. Do not do business with door-to-door or telephone salespeople who tell you that services of medical equipment are free.
6. Report unexpected medical deliveries that you did not ask for.
7. Don’t give out your Medicare identification at special events like Bingo events.
8. Give your insurance/Medicare identification only to those who have provided you with medical services.
9. Keep accurate records of all health care appointments.
10. Know if your physician ordered equipment for you.
11. If someone offers you money or “special gifts” in return for your health card information, report it immediately to law enforcement.

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