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Fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says during the holiday season, we can see all types of holiday fraudsters including con-artists, thieves, and scammers. For every wonderful act of kindness in this holiday season, perhaps there is also as many criminal acts. Most go unreported, which is why most criminals get away with it, We are so busy during the holiday season, people don’t even want to take the time to report fraud.

We see all types of holiday thieves, but one in particular will even take your last bag of coal simply because they can… Like the Grinch, why would someone steal not only the gifts under your Christmas tree, but also the tree itself? Or those holiday lights you so carefully strung on your house?

These holiday fraudster and thieves are unique as, they too, get just as excited to steal, as consumers enjoy shopping during the holiday season.  They love the thrill of taking something unique and unusual. The value of the item is not very important to this type of criminal. They are drawn to stealing items like Christmas Santa yard art figures or the Baby Jesus lying nestled in a holiday church manger. These holiday thieves are made up of many different characteristics and demographics.  Perhaps the appetite to steal is not as important as the possible thrill of getting caught. It can be a form of addiction. Some juveniles commit these crimes as part of gang initiation or simple juvenile peer pressure on a dare.  Others may have a more serious emotional disorder like hording, so they steal items and then horde it at home.  Some get fixated on the same like-item, sort of like a stalker who gets fixated on a real person.

Perhaps we may never fully understand why someone chooses to take someone else’s holiday cheer.

Tis the season to be jolly, says The Fraud Dog, yet for the holiday thief it is all about being naughty and not so nice.

Please report all crimes to law enforcement as this is the only way we can fully stop others from being victimized.

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