The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, was found to have engaged in bullying and intimidation in the workplace. Investigators found 15 or more instances when the chairman intentionally made other employees feel intimidated. Jaczko has since resigned but feels that his actions were consistent with his authorities ...Read the rest

Kamoliddin Akramov, a foreign exchange student in St. Louis, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program. The citizen of Kazakhstan was on a J1 visa in the United States when he started to create fake companies in St. Louis, ...Read the rest

A group of students were caught on camera viciously harassing their school bus monitor, Karen Klein. The video includes the bus monitor enduring profane comment after comment cutting Klein down. The bus monitor was a driver for 20 years and worked as a monitor for the past 3. Even ...Read the rest

Thomas Parkin, 51, was found guilty of 11 criminal counts last Thursday to include charges on fraud, grand larceny, perjury and forgery. For the last six years, Parkin along with a partner, had been cashing Parkin’s mother’s social security checks every single month. Over the ...Read the rest

When Contego Services Group employee, Tammy Reib, a single mother of three waited over seven hours on a Monday to turn in her  ID theft affidavit with an IRS worker in Plantation, her boss Linda Webb, leading fraud expert, AKA The Fraud Dog knew she ...Read the rest

You rely on the safety and quality of the prescription drugs you purchase; never suspecting that the legitimate wholesaler may be getting scammed too.  How can this be?  A doctor purchases prescription drug at a discount rate due to his status as a health care ...Read the rest