Mortgage Fraud – From Floppers to Flippers in 2013

With the return of home buying for 2013 you can bet there will still be those creative fraudsters out there trying to work the best deal in the home-buying market. Who wouldn’t want to get the best deal for the home you are buying says ...Read the rest

Fraud Tips: Online Classified Ads

When you are searching through various classified ads online,  always be aware that the fraudster may be trying to sell you something that is not real or, better yet, trying to scam you out of money. Either way classified ads can be a cheap and ...Read the rest

The Athletic Mindset Co-Author, Linda Webb, Speaking at Broward Library’s Board Social

Linda Webb, co-author of The Atheltic Mindset — Three Tools for Success, will be speaking at the Broward Public Library Foundation for an informal Board Social. She will be speaking about her book, allowing Board members to get a better sense of the book and ...Read the rest

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, reminds everyone that the CDC recommends flu vaccinations throughout the flu season, so its never too late to vaccinate. This year’s flu season is said ...Read the rest

Scam Artists Seize Upon Newtown Shooting

When you first heard about the Newtown shooting, most Americans sat with disbelief and were horrified by what they saw on the news. Others watching the same event unfold thought of more sinister ways to capitalize on this tragic event. How do people wanting to ...Read the rest

SWARM into action with Contego Recovery Subrogation from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo. Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog, is proud to be the President of Contego Services Group, an insurance services company with const containment solutions. Subrogation recovery starts the moment a claim occurs when ...Read the rest

26 Acts in Honor of the Newtown Victims

In honor of the Newtown Victims, President of Contego Services Group, fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog shares 26 Acts to help the consumers not be defrauded by the fraudster. 1. Tell your elderly friends to report fraud because 9 out of 10 elderly ...Read the rest

Pet Scammer Alert

Tis the season to be jolly, but the scammer is quick to take that yule time cheer even using puppies, kittens, and other cute animals to lure you in. Pet scammers know that during this time, people are looking for that perfect little pet to ...Read the rest

    Protecting your investment dollars has become increasingly more difficult,  says the fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. During the civil war people buried their money in their back yard and during the depression of the 1930’s people stuffed their mattresses because they didn’t trust the ...Read the rest

Holiday Scams 2012

Scams to watch for while shopping: Gift Card skimming – where they skim your gift card while activating it. When recipient goes to use the gift card, the money is gone. (Credit card skimming devices come in many different forms and are easy to obtain). ...Read the rest