The American Dream can be a source of unrivaled motivation, but for some, only motivates greed. The latter is true for Houston nightclub investor Julian Vence Kimble.  With a trail of failed business deals, Kimble’s latest scheme involved his now defunct emergency transport company, Pearl ...Read the rest

Each week, ProfNet Connect – a community of professional communicators – spotlights a professional from their network of experts. Last week, Contego Services Group President Linda Webb received the honor for ProfNet’s “Interesting Expert of the Week, Fraud Edition.” Maria Perez, Director of News Operations ...Read the rest

The Fraud Dog may soon be sniffing out insurance crime for audiences across the country, as Linda Webb and her crew of fraud-fighting detectives recently filmed a pilot for a potential new reality series called the “Fraud Dog.”

They’re surreptitiously set in strip-malls alongside legitimate businesses.   With a storefront and a sign they easily prey on the public as just another proprietor trying to make a buck.  However, with these businesses the buck stops here.  We’re talking about pill mills: illegal make-shift “clinics” ...Read the rest