In the wake of the recent GSA scandal, the agency’s inspector general, Brian Miller, has reported a significant increase in the number of fraud hotline calls since news broke. The lavish 2010 Las Vegas conference is just the tip of the iceberg for GSA officials ...Read the rest

Just yesterday, 53 individuals in the Boston area were picked up by police for allegedly selling food stamps for cash. The widespread investigation included city, state, and federal law enforcement. It is suspected that most welfare recipients invloved in the bust were trading their EBT cards for cash ...Read the rest

In recent news, a neighborhood tip led to a federal investigation of Clean Green Fuel, a company that allegedly produces renewable fuel. Federal prosecutors allege that the owner, Rodney Hailey, never produced a drop of clean biodiesel. They say that he simply sold phony renewable fuel credits to major ...Read the rest

Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, leading fraud expert says, elderly family members are key targets for financial fraudsters. It is important that you ask your elderly family members to let you know if there are any “new strangers” that appear friendly in their lives. ...Read the rest

The Fraud Dog says beware because the fraudster is out to take advantage of the unemployed and the underemployed through any means necessary. Scammers are targeting those looking for jobs with the promise of simple work and big paychecks right from the comfort of your ...Read the rest

As fraud continues to morph daily, its current state is forever growing and expanding. In regards to international payments fraud, we have seen a hurricane of new scams and avenues for carrying out those frauds hit the global economy. Why are we seeing this dramatic ...Read the rest

In Massachusetts, ten people and three companies are facing charges for conducting four fraudulent schemes that earned them millions from the taxpayer-funded MassHealth program. Attorney General Martha Coakley and her office said that health care fraud investigators have obtained 118 indictments, alleging four separate schemes ...Read the rest

Florida is infamous for being the epicenter of illegal pill mills. At its peak, the number of out-of-staters that flocked to Florida to buy illegal prescription drugs at over 1,000 pain clinics earned the state the nickname “Oxy Express.” Last year, doctors in Florida purchased ...Read the rest

South Florida is known for its warm weather, trendy Miami and year-round sun. Unfortunately, it also leads the nation in Medicare fraud. Last week, the Miami Herald reported on a nationwide law enforcement crackdown that charged 91 people – including doctors and other medical professionals ...Read the rest

As politicians continue to scramble to find a feasible way to reduce and stabilize the nation’s debt, Linda Webb is calling on Congress to declare war on the fraud that is attacking our economy and eating away at jobs and consumer confidence.