SWARM into action with Contego Recovery Subrogation from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo. Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog, is proud to be the President of Contego Services Group, an insurance services company with const containment solutions. Subrogation recovery starts the moment a claim occurs when ...Read the rest

26 Acts in Honor of the Newtown Victims

In honor of the Newtown Victims, President of Contego Services Group, fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog shares 26 Acts to help the consumers not be defrauded by the fraudster. 1. Tell your elderly friends to report fraud because 9 out of 10 elderly ...Read the rest

Pet Scammer Alert

Tis the season to be jolly, but the scammer is quick to take that yule time cheer even using puppies, kittens, and other cute animals to lure you in. Pet scammers know that during this time, people are looking for that perfect little pet to ...Read the rest

A Louisiana couple pleaded guilty in a $100 million mail fraud scheme. One of the defendants admitted that she conspired with an insurance agent in order to obtain millions in life insurance policies. She did this by increasing her reported net worth and her annual income. The insurance agent was also ...Read the rest

Coupon Fraud – Targets Families During Down Economy

Three women were arrested by the Phoenix police department for what is believed to be the largest counterfeit coupon scam in history.  Investigators found over $25 million in forged coupons during the investigation. The ring leader of the fraudulent operation had been mailing valid coupons to an ...Read the rest

Two men working for Precision Builders, a contracting company in Pennsylvania, are accused of damaging more than 100 homes in an attempt to mimic the damage of heavy hail to collect insurance money. Marcin Porzkowski and Dominik Sadowski told their employees to inflict damage to ...Read the rest

Ziena “Zeeluv” Smidi, a traveling yoga teacher, must pay federal authorities almost $5.6 million for her role in a Ponzi scheme that collected over $30 million from investors. Smidi and her former fiancé, James Clements, were operating groups of companies entitled, Maximum Return Transactions. The ...Read the rest

On Monday, a local South Florida businessman, Michael V. Lombardi, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud by obtaining fraudulent temporary work visas for workers from the Philippines for jobs in the United States. Lombardi was arrested back in September on charges that allege ...Read the rest

In a report out last week, The Los Angeles Times reported on the top scams consumers should be watching out for. Among the top 3 scams on the horizon is commodities fraud, a growing scam that has drained millions from investors. The latest story centers ...Read the rest

With over 900 million active Facebook users, spanning more than 70 languages, it would be an understatement to say that Facebook is popular. With such a heavy user base, the announcement that Facebook will be going public, has taken the world by storm and made ...Read the rest