Top 10 Scams for 2015 – Inside the Scammer’s Mind

What’s Inside the Scammer’s Mind? If you’ve ever been a victim of a scam, you know you don’t want it to happen to you again. Keep in mind, the Scammer looks for 3 things in their victim. YOU have a need that you are looking for, and the ...Read the rest

12 dumbest insurance scams of the decade

“Whoever profits by the crime is guilty of it.” — Anonymous   ‘Slayer’ statutes prevent profit by murder By Ruben Rosario Cops and insurance-fraud sleuths know that truism well. Insurance company websites are replete with lists of the weirdest, most brazen and incomprehensible insurance-fraud ...Read the rest

Tips to avoid IRS Tax Refund Fraud in 2014

 Tax season is here and the fraudster is chomping at the bit, ready to file fraudulent tax returns using (stealing) your personal information. Stop the fraudster from getting your tax refund check before you have a chance to file your tax return. Here are some ...Read the rest

DATA SECURITY BREACH TIPS – What Consumers Need to Know

In 2014, more must be done to fight against cyber criminals, hackers, and fraudsters. “One out of three Americans face some form of fraud and that number could increase if there are more large data base breaches,” says Linda Webb, the Fraud Dog. Identity theft ...Read the rest

How can you STOP the Opportunistic Fraudster living inside your organization?

When companies start to recover they focus primarily on profitability and providing better customer service. Naturally these items are important, but it is even more important to watch the back end of your company for fraud, waste, and abuse. While most executives are focused on ...Read the rest

Beware McDonald’s Monopoly Scams – A Losers Ticket!

Fraudsters are getting creative! What’s the latest?… A scam involving game pieces for the popular McDonald Monopoly Game. Yes, while you are eating at one of your favorite fast food places the fraudster is also hoping to trick you. Fraudsters love to play on our ...Read the rest

Bit Coin Fraud – SEC issues investor warning

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says that the newer or more “cutting edge” it maybe the easier it is to commit fraud. The reason is simple, because the process is so new people and investors are not educated enough on how it ...Read the rest

Tree Care Fraud

“During hurricane and tornado season, tree care scammers are always first on the scene to lend a helping hand,” says fraud expert Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog. In this article by the Clifton Journal they outline some great tips to look out for when someone ...Read the rest

Summer job fraud – scamming Kids

“Fraudsters love to prey upon eager teenagers looking for a summer job,” … says fraud expert Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog. The fraudster doesn’t care what age their victims may be, these scammers are only looking to make a quick buck. Fraudsters love to target ...Read the rest

TypoSquatting Keys in Fraud

Typing in the wrong keyword The fraudsters are hoping that when you are typing in your favorite website, that you will misspell it. We call this type of phishing scam – Typosquatting. Fraudsters are always thinking of creative ways to steal from you, especially when ...Read the rest