SWARM into action with Contego Recovery Subrogation from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo. Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog, is proud to be the President of Contego Services Group, an insurance services company with const containment solutions. Subrogation recovery starts the moment a claim occurs when ...Read the rest

Up in Flames Could Lead You to Jail – Don’t Be Tempted

A Davenport woman was charged with second-degree arson and two counts of insurance fraud for intentionally setting fire to her home which is punishable by 5 years in prison if convicted. The woman was the last person in the home before the fire started. She ...Read the rest

Modupe Adunni Martin has re-entered her plea of not-guilty to 10 counts of insurance fraud. In February 2009, Martin was a custodian for the Sequoia Union High School District when she started to claim that she injured her ankle during work. For six months she ...Read the rest

Fraudsters keep getting more and more creative. On September 29th, federal prosecutors said that Illinois medical equipment supplier Gary Winner, 49, pled guilty in Rhode Island to charges that he shipped unwanted “erectile pumps” to diabetes patients as part of a Medicare fraud scheme.

Medical fraud reports now seem to be a daily reality. Local newspapers detail stories of crooked doctors falsifying documents to bill Medicare for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment and equipment. A court filing Wednesday charged New Orleans physician Dr. Anthony Stephen Jase ...Read the rest

As politicians continue to scramble to find a feasible way to reduce and stabilize the nation’s debt, Linda Webb is calling on Congress to declare war on the fraud that is attacking our economy and eating away at jobs and consumer confidence.

Not only has the technological revolution changed the way we live and communicate, it has proven to be a game-changer in the cat-and-mouse dance between fraud investigatorsand crooked workers’ compensation claimants.

They’re surreptitiously set in strip-malls alongside legitimate businesses.   With a storefront and a sign they easily prey on the public as just another proprietor trying to make a buck.  However, with these businesses the buck stops here.  We’re talking about pill mills: illegal make-shift “clinics” ...Read the rest