Thomas Parkin, 51, was found guilty of 11 criminal counts last Thursday to include charges on fraud, grand larceny, perjury and forgery. For the last six years, Parkin along with a partner, had been cashing Parkin’s mother’s social security checks every single month. Over the ...Read the rest

In a news report out yesterday, two former NFL first-round draft picks along with six others were arrested Monday on charges of being involved in a tax refund fraud scheme. Tax refund fraud is the hottest financial crime in South Florida right now and has ...Read the rest

News broke earlier this month that the Department of Justice has filed civil injunction lawsuits in five major cities in an effort to shut down Instant Tax Service and its franchises. The tax service company has allegedly filed tax returns without the consent of its ...Read the rest

Identity theft occurs when someone assumes your identity to perform a fraud or other criminal act. Criminals can get the information they need to assume your identity from a variety of sources, including by stealing your wallet, rifling through your trash, or by compromising your ...Read the rest

South Florida tax filers are lining up to report identity theft when filing tax returns. Internal Revenue offices around the state have long lines of individuals claiming they are victim to this tax fraud. Some Florida residents are counting on their tax returns to catch up on ...Read the rest