Veteran’s Day may be over, but we’re grateful for our military service men and women every day. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous fraudsters target our military men and women via several common scams. Linda Webb was recently featured on, vowing to fight fraud inside America’s borders. ...Read the rest

The American Dream can be a source of unrivaled motivation, but for some, only motivates greed. The latter is true for Houston nightclub investor Julian Vence Kimble.  With a trail of failed business deals, Kimble’s latest scheme involved his now defunct emergency transport company, Pearl ...Read the rest

Fraudsters keep getting more and more creative. On September 29th, federal prosecutors said that Illinois medical equipment supplier Gary Winner, 49, pled guilty in Rhode Island to charges that he shipped unwanted “erectile pumps” to diabetes patients as part of a Medicare fraud scheme.

In Massachusetts, ten people and three companies are facing charges for conducting four fraudulent schemes that earned them millions from the taxpayer-funded MassHealth program. Attorney General Martha Coakley and her office said that health care fraud investigators have obtained 118 indictments, alleging four separate schemes ...Read the rest

Medical fraud reports now seem to be a daily reality. Local newspapers detail stories of crooked doctors falsifying documents to bill Medicare for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment and equipment. A court filing Wednesday charged New Orleans physician Dr. Anthony Stephen Jase ...Read the rest