California resident, Valery Dobrushin, was charged with insurance fraud and faces up to 11 years in prison. Dobrushin owned and operated “Val’s Optical” where he was illegally providing eye exams and prescribing glasses to over 300 customers. Prosecutors said that Dobrushin was billing insurance companies for ...Read the rest

Most people are very careful of their social security information due to the widespread knowledge of social security identity theft. What most people don’t know is that medical identity theft is on the rise. Therefore we are less careful when it comes to protecting our ...Read the rest

A former funeral home owner, John Amis, pleaded guilty in December to four felony counts. Amis falsified the deaths of people that were still alive in order to collect their prepaid funeral policies. The judge sentenced Amis to a 12 year sentence composed of a ...Read the rest

In a recent story out of Seattle, a U.S. District Court, sentenced three family members to prison for a disability fraud scheme that lasted more than 30 years. The Social Security Administration and the State Department of Social and Health Services were defraud by the George ...Read the rest

Fraud Expert, Linda Webb, AKA The Fraud Dog, says the fraudster loves to recruit willing participants into their scams. Beware of the fraudster’s tempting treats to lure you in. Tips for Avoiding Health Care Fraud or Health Insurance Fraud: 1. Never sign blank insurance claim ...Read the rest

In what is being called the largest Medicare fraud bust in U.S. history, charges have been brought against 107 individuals, including doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations swept seven cities across the country and involved approximately $452 million in ...Read the rest

Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, leading fraud expert says, elderly family members are key targets for financial fraudsters. It is important that you ask your elderly family members to let you know if there are any “new strangers” that appear friendly in their lives. ...Read the rest

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) nearly a quarter of the 2.1 billion prescriptions written a year were used for something other than a medical reason.  Although teenagers make up the largest percentage of drug abusers, everyone is susceptible to prescription abuse.   This ...Read the rest

Health Care Fraud or Health Insurance Fraud Medical Equipment Fraud: Equipment manufacturers offer “free” products to individuals. Insurers are then charged for products that were not needed and/or may not have been delivered. “Rolling Lab” Schemes: Unnecessary and sometimes fake tests are given to individuals ...Read the rest

Fraud knows no age, race or creed. This week’s story comes from the Fraud Dog’s own home town, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. John A. Matters, 50, was a Fort Lauderdale businessman who was arrested last Thursday on $11 million worth of fraud charges, according to the ...Read the rest