When Contego Services Group employee, Tammy Reib, a single mother of three waited over seven hours on a Monday to turn in her  ID theft affidavit with an IRS worker in Plantation, her boss Linda Webb, leading fraud expert, AKA The Fraud Dog knew she ...Read the rest

Anyone can be attacked by the rental property scammer, even the professionals.  Recently, Fraud Dog’s team was personally attacked; our team quickly investigated  and ended this fraud.  Due diligence is key to stopping the fraudster in their tracks, says Linda Webb, fraud expert, aka the ...Read the rest

Nearly 90 D.C. city employees were suspended Monday and face potential firing and prosecution for receiving unemployment benefits while holding their city jobs, District officials said. In addition, about 40 former city workers cashed unemployment checks they were not entitled to and also face sanctions. ...Read the rest

Fraudsters  are now stealing the identity of doctors to defraud millions from Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance carriers.  The widespread use and distribution of physician identifier numbers makes it easy for thieves to steal the identity of doctors and bill insurers in the doctor’s name.  ...Read the rest

Thieves will use anything to separate you from your hard earned money- even toilet paper!  Last week four former telemarketers at FBK Products were sentenced in federal court for scamming customers into purchasing their new product.  They claimed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had mandated ...Read the rest

Last month a conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard concerning an international group of hackers was being secretly monitored by the hackers themselves.  This hacker group called Anonymous released the recording of the conversation last week as well as an email obtained that ...Read the rest

U.S. employers spent $73.9 billion on workers’ compensation insurance in 2009 to cover about 125 million workers, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance. InsuranceQuotes.com recently posted a guide to workers’ compensation insurance. They list the following seven things to remember when it comes to workers’ compensation ...Read the rest

CBS News recently did a 60-minute segment about stem cell fraud. Their report first started two years ago with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Steven Watters and Michael Martin. Doctors Lawrence Stowe and Frank Morales offered a $125,000 stem cell therapy that was ...Read the rest

Hopefully this past holiday season you had the opportunity to join family and friends to celebrate holiday cheer. Whether you traveled cross-country or just to the next town, hopefully you did not fall victim to the latest internet scam – vacation rental fraud.

Last week, we told you that Florida leads the nation in mortgage fraud. Today, we have some good news and some bad news regarding the state’s standing with Medicare fraud. We’ll start with the bad and end on the good, it being the holiday season ...Read the rest