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“Fraudsters love to prey upon eager teenagers looking for a summer job,”

… says fraud expert Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog. The fraudster doesn’t care what age their victims may be, these scammers are only looking to make a quick buck. Fraudsters love to target teenagers who are computer savvy, and love to sit at home on the computer in hopes of making money through a work-from-home job. For the fraudster, teenagers who are looking for jobs through social media outlets, chat rooms and classified ads on the computer, become true fraudster fishing holes to hook someone into taking their bait. Please read this Better Business Bureau article and don’t let the fraudster spoil your summer fun.

Better Business Bureau article warns kids about Summer Job Scams:

 The Better Business Bureau is warning students about job scams that could result in a loss of money  and a waste of time. These could include work-at-home jobs paying high salaries for simple work and sales or pyramid schemes. 

Read about it here


Clark Howard has a special warning for anyone who’s on the job hunt this summer


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