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Scammers and Spammers unite

…to lure innocent people who utilize social media outlets into “liking” their social media page to win bogus prizes called “Like-Farming Scams”.  It seems no matter where we turn there are always new ways to scam people. “Utilizing social media outlets is the new playground for the fraudster,” says fraud expert, Linda Webb.

Fraudsters love to gain access to a large demographic of people, like social media outlets, (i.e. Facebook, Vine, Pinterest). For the fraudster, the more targets they can identify the better the chance of obtaining more victims of the scam. In this case it doesn’t cost any money, but you become part of a massive “spamming” operation as you are put on a list that can later be sold for money.

This article explains how the like-farming scam works. Remember nothing is for free, and typically when someone is offering free prizes it is only to lure you in to get your personal information. Be sure to only “LIKE” social media pages that interest you, and appear credible. Your social media identification is valuable so protect it from scammers and spammers.


Facebook Like-Farming Scams

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An increasing number of bogus Pages appearing on Facebook are designed to do nothing more than artificially increase their popularity by tricking users into “liking” them. This tactic has come to be known as “like-farming”. The goal of these unscrupulous like-farmers is to increase the value of Facebook Pages so that they can be sold on the black market to other scammers and/or used to market dubious products and services and distribute further scams. The more likes a Page has, the more resale and marketing value it commands.


How to tell a like-farming scam from a genuine promotion or giveaway  

Companies and organizations may operate legitimate Facebook driven promotions in which users receive a chance to win a prize in exchange for liking, sharing or otherwise participating. So, how can you tell if a promotion you come across on Facebook is genuine? Here’s a rundown:

  • Do the math!
  • Absurdity 
  • Terms and Conditions?
  • Newly Created Pages


Do not give the unethical people who create these pages any satisfaction. Do not like their bogus Pages. Do not share their lies. And make sure that your Facebook friends are aware of how these scams operate so that they won’t get caught out either.


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