There are dangers of fighting fraud!fraud hit

“Fighting fraud can be dangerous,” says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka Fraud Dog. The fraudster is a criminal plain and simple.  And like most criminals they don’t want to get caught. When the fraudster is ultimately identified and questioned about the fraud they committed, the Fraudster will go into  “fight or flight”, like in this case with this reporter, the fraudster chose to fight.  Either way fraudsters typically will continue the commit fraud due to greed, which ultimately leads to their demise.


TV reporter punched in face while investigating business fraud

GAINSVILLE, Ga. — A reporter investigating fraud at a business was punched in the face by the father of the businessman in question, video from the TV station showed.

The incident took place at a used car lot that recently opened after the owner was charged with fraud at a previous car lot, CBS Atlanta reported. 

reporter punched by fraudster The reporter, Jeff Chirico, was hit by an older man, who was identified as Donald Wilder, the father of the businessman being investigated, CBS Atlanta reported. As Chirico asked him questions about the business, Donald Wilder turned and punched Chirico in the chin, knocking him to the ground, according to the TV station.The punch came unexpectedly as Wilder was seemingly opening a door. Wilder then walked toward the reporter, who was on the ground, and pointed his finger at him. 

Richard Wilder has been charged with seven counts of theft by deception and one count of racketeering for allegedly depositing customers’ tax refund checks into an account and keeping the money. Richard Wilder was discovered to be selling cars again and doing tax returns at another car lot, EZ Auto Sales in Gainesville, which is where the assault happened. Credit: CBS Atlanta

It is important that we report fraud so that the fraudster can be stopped in their tracks before others are victimized. Linda Webb’s lifetime mantra continues as she says… “Fraudster I am coming to you!

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