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“Wake up America…

New fraud opportunities are popping up due to universal health care,” says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. It is an open play ground for the fraudster simply because of the uncertainty in Obamacare. Americans do not fully understand all the parameters surrounding the universal health care benefit. Fraudsters love confusion and little over-sight. Whenever there is a new government program, you can bet the fraudster is lining up at the door first offering their version of universal health care. Americans will fall for fraudulent health care cards thinking they are paying for their initial fee into the program.

money and healthcare fraudWhatever the government is promoting in their new initiative is exactly where the fraudster will be. Just like when everyone was supposed to get affordable housing and the fraudster was there offering fraudulent mortgages, here we go again.

Don’t be fooled by the con artist who claims they have all the solutions to your health care needs. Take a stand a stand America… here’s how:

  • Don’t pay them cash
  • Ask for credentials
  • Use your cell phone and take their picture if you see them in person.
  • When in doubt always slow the process down, and
  • Do your due diligence



Here’s a great article

obamacare fraud info

by Gitte Laasby of the Journal Sentinel

Consumers nationwide are receiving scam phone calls claiming they are eligible for insurance cards, according to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. But it’s not even possible to enroll until Oct. 1 so anyone trying to sign consumers up before that is a scammer, the FTC said.

The BBB said callers pose as someone from the federal government and say they need to collect some personal information, such as a bank account and Social Security number, before they can send the insurance card. “We’ve heard from consumers and from other federal agencies that scammers are trying to convince people to act now,” the FTC said in a warning. “Scammers always want to get your money before you have time to stop and think.” Read more by clicking on the picture above.



Taking the steps above, share this article with others, and let’s send the fraudster packing.

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