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Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says that business owners like unscrupulous body shop fraudsters, find creative ways not only to fix your damaged vehicle, but may also make more damages, or fake damages in order to file additional insurance claims sometimes even without your knowledge.

SIU Investigators across the country aggressively fight auto fraud, but more must be done to stop these fraudsters, says Linda Webb. Sometimes these type of frauds can lead to huge organized crime rings, or simply a small business owner desperate for cash. In this down economy many business owners who never thought about committing fraud, jumped into the fraud pool, simply out of desperation.

More investigators across the nation are needed to fight insurance fraud. Networking and sharing information amongst the investigative circles has helped identify the fraudster. Eventually these fraudsters get caught, simply because they get use to making large sums of money, and eventually GREED catches up with them, says Linda Webb



Newton, MA body shop damaged vehicles for insurance pay

October 9, 2012, Newton, MA — A Newton man pleaded guilty this week to insurance fraud and larceny for illegally filing fake insurance claims through his Somerville auto shop, prosecutors said today. Michael Block, 40, of Newton, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Middlesex Superior Court to charges of insurance fraud, larceny,…

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