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Hackers broke into a small medical practice’s server in a Chicago suburb this past summer. The data obtained included patient’s electronic medical records and emails. The hackers demanded ransom in exchange for the records. The practice instead turned the system off and notified police. This is just one example of the many cyber fraud cases occurring in today’s digital realm of technology.

Our cyber world is being controlled by hackers, says fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. Cyber-fraud doomsday is coming and we have yet to acknowledge it’s true dangers. Cyber hackers are testing everything that can bring them large amounts of data. Data is king to the fraudster. Cyber criminals attack from everywhere targeting Fortune 100 companies, hospitals, clinics, and government systems like Medicare. More must be done to identify these hackers. Companies need to deploy sufficient security controls, obtain cyber liability insurance, as well as hire fraud experts to protect their data. Be prepared for the cyber fraudster and don’t let doomsday happen to your company says Linda Webb, the Fraud Dog.

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