Corporations lose a significant percentage of their annual income due to fraud, which is why the Governor of Nebraska, Dave Heineman signed a proclamation that makes November 11th through the 17th International Fraud Awareness Week. International Fraud Awareness Week was created to minimize the prevalence of fraud by encouraging businesses and employees to promote anti-fraud awareness tools and fraud education. The website that was created for this anti-fraud campaign contains various resources including anti-fraud articles, helpful links, and anti-fraud education. Some of the anti-fraud resources available are Fraud Prevention check-up, Designing an Effective Anti-Fraud Training Program, and Fraud of the Day, which is a forum dedicated to educating the public about how fraud is perpetrated and how you can stop fraud. The site also provides links to local seminars, conferences, on-site training, books, and online learning courses designed to educate on fraud detection, deterrence, and prevention.

Fraud expert, Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, also known as The Fraud Dog, has dedicated her career to the fight against fraud. Webb’s most recent fraud fighting endeavor is the creation of her International Fraud Awareness Week video, which highlights four fraud tips and stars her animated sidekick, Buster, the fraud fighting dog. The first fraud tip highlighted in the video is to be sure to take your time to review your monthly credit card statements as fraudulent transactions are often overlooked. Be sure to contact your credit card company if you notice any suspicious transactions. The next fraud tip is to always protect your passwords. Fraudsters are aware that people tend to use family names, pet names, and birth dates as their passwords so we encourage you to use unique passwords that include numbers. The third fraud tip is to be cautious using public Wi-Fi internet. The fraudsters can hack into your computer and public Wi-Fi makes it easier to access your internet information. Cyber fraud is becoming easier to commit, as data is king to the fraudster. Lastly, Buster, Webb’s sidekick, the fraud fighting dog, has a tip for kids. Before you send a text on your cell phone, make sure you know who you’re texting.


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