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Fraud expert, Linda Webb, says more must be done to avoid wasteful spending in healthcare. Is Universal healthcare ready for the fraudsters?

The fraudster will find more loopholes to steal, and they will indeed be a part of these “wasteful spending stats” in years to come. More transparency, accountability, education, patient awareness, and pro-active controls are needed on the front end. Activate the SWARM™, says Linda Webb, and stop fraud in it’s tracks.



Report says U.S. health system wastes $750B a year

September 7, 2012, Washington, DC — America spent $2.6 trillion on health care last year; about one in every six dollars went into the health-care system. A third of that spending — a full $750 billion — did nothing to make anyone healthier. That’s the big takeaway from an Institute of Medicine report out Thursday…

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