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Fraud expert Linda Webb aka The Fraud Dog says that almost every consumer has experienced some form of fraud, whether identity theft, and/or credit card theft. For most consumers like mentioned in this recent survey, is almost expected to have some form of fraud against them, as though it is a way of life. The expectation is that we expect someone else to deal with the fraudster actions, like having tougher controls from banks. The real questions should be, is there any follow through to actually catch the perpetrator. Fraudster know that have a slim chance of being caught, and even if they are caught, they can negotiate deals, and work the system to lower to lower their sentencing.

It is time to draw the line in the sand as they say to stop fraud. We must see more enforcement measures, tougher sentencing guidelines, and more proactive education of the public. Fraud is a form of terrorism, and when someone is siphoning money from us, in essence they are taking from us, causing fear, and creating unstableness in our society. We must take a stand, and stop fraud.

Linda Webb, one of America’s top fraud investigators says it is time to engage the America public, like a call to action. It is time we asked for everyone to say, “enough is enough”. The consumer must monitor their credit card statements, health care statements, and bank statements, protect their identity, and above all report fraud. Let’s send the fraudster packing, says the Fraud Dog.


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