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According to an article written in Claims magazine, 90 percent of insurers surveyed are using at least basic SIU services. This leaves 10 percent of insureds vulnerable to losses from fraud causing a higher premium. This study at least proves that most of today’s insurance carriers are investing in technology to fight fraud and employing an SIU team. Honest policy holders should not be victimized by liars and scammers.

Fraud Expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says that combating fraud is more than just SIU’s role but everyone’s ethical responsibility to stop fraud in their organization. It is also important in the insurance world that all departments embrace their SIU department as part of integrated team relationship component. As President of Contego Service’s Group,  Linda Webb’s team provides a unique SWARM™ model offering multiple insurance services like SIU, Subrogation, Loss Control, Fraud Controls, Claims Investigations, and Due Diligence to carriers, TPA’s, and self-insured’s. This blended interaction with multiple services, helps ferret out fraud faster, identify suspicious risk, find vulunerability points, and proactively take immediate action to reduce risk. Activate the SWARM™ says Linda Webb, and stop fraud before it comes inside your corporate walls.

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