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Scams to watch for while shopping:

  1. Gift Card skimming – where they skim your gift card while activating it. When recipient goes to use the gift card, the money is gone. (Credit card skimming devices come in many different forms and are easy to obtain).
  2. Merchandise Return Fraud – where someone else has taken your receipt and returned the merchandise you just purchased. They just got the merchandise right off the shelf, but now you can’t return it because it has already been returned. Also when they return it, the fraudster asks for a gift card.
  3. Fake Counterfeit Products – when the fraudster is  selling the product as the real name brand, but it is a fake.
  4. Merchandise Ad-On’s – Check your store receipt for gift cards added that you did not purchase, the fraudster got it instead.  (Palming Fraud)
  5. Bump and Run – That is when the fraudster bumps into you, when you are fumbling with your credit card, making you drop your credit card. Naturally that kind-hearted fraudster is there to pick it up for you. They will either quickly grab it and run or take a snapshot of it with their cell phone.
  6. Flim Flam – Change Artist – where the cashier gives you the wrong change and pockets the rest.


Tips to Keep in Mind When Checking Out :

1. Be alert at the cash register.

2. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted when checking out. Distraction Fraud is quite common. The fraudster’s intent is to divert your attention in order to get your personal information.

3. Watch your gift cards and credit cards when being swiped. If you see anything suspicious talk to a store manager.

4. Watch out for people taking pictures of your credit cards over your shoulder with cell phones.

5. Watch out for the bump and run, especially when you have a credit card in your hand. Fraudsters will bump into you, causing you to drop your card and then the fraudster takes pictures to get the 3 CVV numbers on the back.

6. Be sure you have your store receipt and that you check your receipt for any unusual add on’s.


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3 Responses

  1. Deborah Whitson

    On Oct 31st Lago shop at home allowed someone to make a purchase of $193.94 on my credit card. I canceled the card filed a police report in my home city of Las Vegas. Lago refused to give me any information other than the order was not being shipped to Las Vegas or NV. Today Dec 21st Lago again allowed someone to make a purchase for same amount on a different card. Of course the card has been canceled again. I want to know how to go about filing charges against Lago.

    Thank you
    Deborah Whitson