On July 13, 2012, Dr. Meera Sachdeva will be in court for a change of plea hearing. The charges against him include health care fraud, which includes allegations of using diluted chemotherapy drugs and old needles. It is unknown as to what charges the doctor will plead guilty to. Along with Sachdeva, Brittany McCoskey and Monica Weeks were charged with conspiracy and witness tampering related activities of Rose Cancer Center. Sachdeva established the clinic in 2005 while Weeks did billing and McCoskey was a receptionist and later the office manager. The clinic billed Medicaid, Medicare and insurance companies for chemotherapy drugs, which were watered down when given to patients. They billed about $15.1 million to Medicaid and Medicare.

Fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says, that stealing from people while causing them harm is simply reckless disregard for human life. Life is hard enough tackling cancer when diagnosed, but then to have a heartless cancer doctor dilute your cancer medicine. It seems that there is no end to the unethical and ruthless fraudster. The fraudster needs to be stopped with your help, America, says The Fraud Dog. Be sure to contact someone immediately to report it if you find you have been defrauded.

To report potentially fraudulent activity, contact Linda Webb aka The Fraud Dog, leading fraud expert at 1-855-FRAUD-DOG.

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