The Justice Department recently charged almost 100 people for federal insurance fraud involving $429 million in fraudulent claims. This take-down was one of the largest in Department of Justice History when it comes to the amount of fraudulent billings. Individuals from 7 cities across the country were indicted for this scam that included home healthcare claims, mental health claims, and ambulance transportation fraud. One doctor in this case even signed 33,000 prescriptions for thousands of medicare patients without even seeing the patients. The fraudulent act was uncovered by the Medicare Strike Force.

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says enforcement measures to fight Medicare fraud are on the rise. Healthcare Fraud Strike Force Operations are currently fighting a fraud war on our own turf. It is a war zone that requires law enforcement, private contractors, business owners, and private fraud fighting teams networking together to stop the fraudster.  The public is also jumping into this war zone and that has helped tremendously. We need everyone to be “all-in” on this fight. Predictive modeling tools and “boots-on-ground” enforcement teams have been working together to identify the fraudster early into their attack before millions of dollars are lost to fraud. Teaching the elderly to review their EOB’s has also helped. Please report fraud says Linda Webb, as we need everyone’s help to stop fraud.

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