Consumers are being warned in recent news alerts that con-artists are convincing individuals that there is a government program supported by President Obama that will provide them with $1,000 monthly to assist in covering their utility bills. They are using text messages, emails, door-to-door sales, and websites to create buzz about this scam. The victims are given routing numbers to use when paying their bills but first they have to register by providing banking information and their social security numbers. The con-artists convince the victims that the scam is real by briefly depositing funds only to find out later they are drawn out of accounts that are invalid. There have been thousands of innocent people around the country that have been victimized by this scam.

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says fraudsters are morphing scams daily. It simply doesn’t stop says The Fraud Dog. Fraudsters will take an existing government program, put a new twist on it and then convince consumers and the American public that they need it. Fraudsters promise that this program is a federally funded program to help the public pay their utility bills. In this case, the fraudster twisted the health care reform into a new fraudulent program called Utility Bailouts. What is next? Pet Bailouts? Childcare Bailouts? The fraudster will target anything and everything. America, don’t let the fraudster scam you. If someone tries to sell you something, ask for a business card and take their picture. Tell them you won’t buy it until you do your due diligence. Send the fraudster packing and don’t be scammed by these “quick sell” scams.

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