The Fraud Dog may soon be sniffing out insurance crime for audiences across the country, as Linda Webb and her crew of fraud-fighting detectives recently filmed a pilot for a potential new reality series called the “Fraud Dog.”

Similar to “America’s Most Wanted” and other reality crime programs, the “Fraud Dog” will profile actual fraud cases through re-enactments. Webb’s 30-minute show aims to inform Americans of the ubiquity of insurance fraud, and to show how it not only affects insurance companies, but every business and citizen alike. “I really firmly believe that America needs to wake up, and not only do we need to wake up about fraud but we need everybody’s help…we all need to unite, we need to join forces and we need everybody’s help,” Webb told

The Fraud Dog is on a mission to expose all types of fraudulent insurance claims to help the viewer gain a better understanding of how they typically occur: “Each show will be dedicated to a different type of fraud scam, and when you get done with the television show, you’re going to know how the fraud occurs, how to be aware of it and how to…not be a victim of it,” said Webb.

A determined and accomplished fraud detective, Webb’s early days were spent investigating white collar crime, and in 1994 she officially began her fraud-fighting career with American International Group (AIG), ultimately becoming assistant vice president of the company’s global fraud investigation division. Now, the Fraud Dog hunts down malingering worker’s compensation claimants for Patriot National Insurance Group, and conducts multi-line property/casualty investigations as president of Contego Services Group.

Webb’s production company has completed some filming for its pilot in Chicago and New York, and is currently shopping it around to different networks – “We sent it out to multiple networks and we’re waiting now to finalize the contracts on which network it’s going to be on,” reported Webb. She concludes the interview by stressing the importance of audience participation: “I think that it’s really important that we reach out and get everybody’s help because fraud continues to morph every single day and it’s going to hit every single business, not just the insurance world but every business,” Webb said. For more information, go to the Fraud Dog TV website.

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3 Responses

  1. Fcabano

    frauddog is going to be the number one show on the air

  2. shredding Austin

    Exposing fraud can deter those who are planning to do such scheme and victimize others. More consumers will also become aware of the number of ways by which this type of crime is committed and help them safeguard their personal information.