By Catherine Couretas,

Fraud-fighter Linda Webb, an expert in fraud investigation, has developed an idea for a TV show set to kick off soon. Webb, who was previously in charge of AIG’s global fraud operations and currently serves as president of Contego Services Group, has been involved in the investigation of high-profile cases, managing over $1.2 billion in exposure.

“I’ve always said all along that the best way to stop fraud is to educate people about fraud,” Webb said of the TV show concept, adding that it is true of all scenarios. “With Bernie Madoff, if more people had understood Ponzi schemes, don’t you think less people would have fallen prey to them?”

The show will be set up like America’s Most Wanted (AMW), with each episode featuring a re-dramatization of a fraud scheme based on a live case with which Webb has worked.

“He funneled everybody to help him solve crimes,” Webb said of John Walsh, host of AMW. “That’s what I want to do—have the American public funneled to me—to tell me what’s happening so that I can help.”

The Process

“In one episode, we’ll go through a staged auto accident and talk about how mothers and elderly people are common targets,” Webb continued, urging consumers to be at the ready. “If you end up in an accident, we’ll tell you to take pictures with your cell phone of all of the cars, people, and anything else involved.”

Webb’s concept of Swiftly Working Assessment with Rapid Methodology (SWARM) is what she said has made her so successful in the insurance industry.

“In the insurance world, people are so concerned with the front end that the back end isn’t monitored,” Webb explained, noting her use of silo management. “We’ve taken the walls down so we can all work together and attack the front and every variable of the business process.”

In addition to insurance fraud, the TV show will also uncover scams involving mortgage fraud, Medicare fraud, and even Craigslist scams.

“When people are done watching, they’ve been educated about a fraud scheme, they understand it enough to be able to tell other people, and the objective is that they won’t become part of that scam because they understand how things work,” Webb said.

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