Fraud Dog Tips for Hurricane SANDY – sponsored by Contego Services Group from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo.

The “Frankenstorm” that’s expected to place tens of millions of people in danger when Hurricane Sandy combines with a cold front coming off the Great Plains is not to be taken lightly. Time is running out to prepare for the storm, particularly Hurricane Sandy, but the safety precautions that residents in the Mid-Atlantic States should take have an importance that can’t be overestimated.

In a video released August 31, 2012 during Hurricane Isaac, Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, LLC outlines tips for hurricane victims that may be targeted by fraudsters in the aftermath of the storm. States around the east coast are bracing for Hurricane Sandy this time. Clean up and structural repairs will be needed in the wake of Sandy and this presents an opportunity for fraudsters.

Often overlooked after a storm are the unlicensed “contractors” that quickly flock to storm ravished towns promising quick repairs, insurance agents willing to backdate insurance policies, and scammers posing as FEMA or other governmental agency workers. Webb, also known as the Fraud Dog, summarizes the three most common scams associated with natural disasters:
the relief worker scam,
the contractor repair scam, and
the fake insurance scam.

In the Fraud Dog Tips video, Webb, discusses ways that victims can protect themselves from each scam.
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  1. Omen

    Thanks for the link we have a coworker who found out to day her boerhtr that she thought was fine and dandy and had moved last week just was rescued from the top of his roof.