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A Montana man was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his participation in an elaborate insurance fraud scheme. The defendant conspired to claim over $155,000 in insurance claims from Mountain West Bureau Mutual Insurance Company.

Fraud expert, Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog, says that a lot of people are talked into “opportunistic fraud”, thinking it is an easy opportunity to obtain money through filing a fraudulent insurance claim.

If someone tells you it is easy to commit insurance fraud, think again says Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog. There are more experienced fraud investigators than ever before.

Buster, The Fraud Fighting Dog, and Linda’s side-kick, warns everyone: don’t let another fraudster offer to “throw you a bone”, because it just might be a trick that gets you in jail.

Filing inflated insurance claims, staging accidents, and even “cooking your house” by watering your house down for a mold claim in hot weather, are all easy to spot. The Fraud Dog’s team will be watching. There is “zero tolerance” for even the one-time opportunistic fraudster, so don’t let anyone talk you into it.

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