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Authorities arrested Glendora physician for improperly prescribing addictive medicine to people with no legitimate medical need for medication. The doctor wrote three prescriptions to different deputies posing as patients. One deputy provided the doctor with an X-ray of a dog and explained to the doctor that she was in a car accident and needed a stronger prescription for her pain. The doctor examined the X-rays and even referred to specific bones explaining what is causing the pain.

Buster, The Fraud Fighting Dog, Linda Webb’s side-kick, says crooked doctors over prescribing pain drugs need to be taken off the street. It’s about time we put our paws down on fraud, says Buster, or in this case a dog “tail” gave it away in this undercover operation, as the undercover operatives used dog

x-rays to show how easy it was to still kick pain drugs. Let’s stop fraud together, says Buster, the Fraud Dog, and “tail” all you furry friends to come to to help Buster stop fraud together.

Now here is a little hint about Buster’s tail. Buster has a longer than usual tail, one because she came from a puppy mill who did not know how to properly cut Buster’s tail, but Buster now uses this now as a rudder in her water rescue skills.


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