Online Shopping Giant Amazon – A Target for Hackers

amazon logo“Data will always be king, especially for the fraudster,” says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka Fraud Dog.
It will take an army of cyber investigators to stop the tidal wave of hackers, who test big corporations for their security controls. More emphasis and attention on the front end of one’s business to protect its valuable data. Hackers are like vampires, as their insatiable appetite to steal data puts most top companies at risk.

Common everyday burglars are also jumping into this craze by stealing computers in “smash-n-grab” when someone goes inside a coffee shop or grocery store. Be sure if you leave your car unattended that you lock your computer in the trunk.


More from this story – Jan. 31, 2013 is down

The front door for’s massive online store is back online following a brief outage — and a hacker group was quick to take credit. The Twitter feed for a group that calls itself NaziGods claimed responsibility, according to tech site Gizmodo, noting on Twitter that “This is what happens amazon when you support censorship.”

The group went on detail how it knocked the front door down (only’s front page was offline), with a large “botnet” or network of thousands of computers working together.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), which powers many popular websites including Netflix, Reddit, the Gawker network and more remained online, according to the company’s service dashboard. averages $100,000 per minute in sales according to the Seattle Times.

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