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In October, a special Broward County task force is working to ferreting out “cheat to compete” construction firms that set up shell construction companies to avoid workers’ compensation insurance premiums. The task force has already tracked down $200 million in under the table cash payments. The task force is now expanding into Palm Beach County. State officials hope to expand statewide. The task force has shut down 18 shell construction companies that have been set up to pay workers cash to avoid taxes and workers’ comp insurance. In turn, the cheating keeps Florida from rebounding in this tough economy.

Fraud Expert, Linda Webb, aka the Fraud Dog says we have to be more proactive to stop fraud. Linda Webb who is President of Contego Services Group, LLC, understands the importance of businesses that put fighting fraud on the forefront of their radar screen. Webb says activate the SWARM™ Investigations to help ferret out fraud, which means every business unit, from front to back of your business needs to SWARM™ around it. Insurance rates are on the rise and part of that reason is due to fraud. What is revolutionary is when all department help out the investigative team to mitigate the risk, lesson the exposure, identify subrogation, and most important ferret out the fraud.

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