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We can Stop Fraud Together…

The Media recently asked Fraud Expert, Linda Webb “Is it truly possible to stop fraud?” Linda replied, “Yes, but we need everyone to help us by reporting when they’ve been hit by fraud. There are just too many fraudsters for one person to stop it. We all must take action, and Speak Up!


Call to action – “Let’s Stop Fraud Together!”

After the Boston Bombings last month, it was apparent that America wanted to help. When law enforcement put out a “call-to-action” asking everyone to send in their photos of the Boston Marathon, Americans quickly responded.  It was amazing to see so many patriotic people showing their support to help solve this terrorist act.  Americans of all demographics, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, and political views responded. America came together, responded to help, and it worked! The bombing suspects had nowhere to hide, and everyone helped law enforcement.

This year, every American family has the probability of being defrauded or scammed. The odds are that some people may be targets of fraud multiple times throughout the year.


gandhi_be the changeWhen Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” he was speaking to every one of us. Every American can say no to fraud, by speaking up and reporting it. With America’s help, we could send the fraudster packing, and inevitably make our homeland a safer place to live.


We can do this America… Let’s stop fraud together, and report it when it happens!



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