Buster the Fraud Dog’s NEW anti-bullying campaign is here. Buster says we have to create a more positive footprint in our schools. To stop crime, we need more crime-Busters. Buster helps Linda Webb, America’s Fraud Dog, fight fraud together. And they need your help too!

The best way to stop fraud is educate the American Public. Even our Government is jumping on the anti-bullying campaign bus! Buster and Linda are always visiting schools teaching kids about fraud awareness and anti-bullying. It is all about treating people the way you want to be treated. It’s time to SPEAK UP against bullying! Even Lady Gaga and Oprah have jumped in to help with this horrible epidemic.

For more information, or to have the Fraud Busters come in to your organization, go to www.thefrauddog.com.

Let’s stop bullying together!


Animated Buster The Fraud Dog Anti-Bullying Video PSA from Fraud Dog Productions on Vimeo.