The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, was found to have engaged in bullying and intimidation in the workplace. Investigators found 15 or more instances when the chairman intentionally made other employees feel intimidated. Jaczko has since resigned but feels that his actions were consistent with his authorities and responsibilities. There were no disciplinarian actions taken against the chairman and he  denies allegations.

Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog‘s sidekick, Buster, the Fraud Fighting Dog, says that bullying can occur not only to our youth but to all ages. Whether kids are bullied in school or adults face a hostile boss at work, the outcome is the same,  it hurts many people. Buster says that all allegation of bullying should be taken seriously and should be followed up. Buster’s consistent message is simple, if you think someone is bullying you, then it is important to speak out and tell someone.

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