Not only has the technological revolution changed the way we live and communicate, it has proven to be a game-changer in the cat-and-mouse dance between fraud investigatorsand crooked workers’ compensation claimants.

In the age of information and immediate gratification, social networking has become an obsession, indulging our desire to overshare every aspect of our daily lives. For those attempting to commit insurance fraud, this could easily spell disaster. While investigators still utilize traditional means of catching cheats (like video surveillance), savvy agents are turning to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and now, Google+ to effectively and efficiently detect fraud and reduce claims costs. “The technology continues to evolve and expand, in many ways making it easier for investigators to positively identify claimants and determine whether their online lives jive with the claims they have filed,” reports Dennis Jay of

From bogus injury claims to deceptive workers’ comp check cashers, social media has effectively innovated the way investigators out insurance fraud phonies. Here are a few examples from

  • A Los Angeles-area warehouse worker who claimed his back was too injured to work bragged about bowling a 300 game on his Facebook page
  • A judo instructor filed for total and permanent injury, then posted the dates he was available for class instruction.
  • A bronco-riding champion filed a claim and soon after invited his online buddies to attend his upcoming competition.

Security and investigations firm Global Options caught an “injured” worker in Florida who had signed statements saying he had no source of income posting status updates about his successful side business selling homemade beef jerky at local flea markets. Malingering employers have also been exposed with social media, like one contractor caught by Liberty Mutual last year. “The video showed seven men installing a new roof. The investigator thought that odd since the company—a Liberty insured—described its business as “general carpentry” in its insurance application.”

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    Seems like a perusal of Gary Giordano’s LinkedIn network might produce someone who could add to a more complete picture of a sometimes violent, bullying sales rep. Did a branch manager ever hide a shady setup? Did he ever scare female co-workers?