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Stealing Data is worth billions to Organized Crime Rings

“Hackers are becoming the new drug lords, but instead of selling drugs they are selling large amounts of valuable data,” says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. What people need to understand is that stealing data is a form of terrorism. Stealing personal data from an individual or a company instills fear and shows vulnerability. Often this data is used to bill Medicare, commit identity theft, and obtain credit cards under alias names. There are so many different things you can do with stolen data, that the possibilities are endless to the fraudster. It’s time to be proactive and send the fraudsters packing.

Be sure to report all “hacking” incidents. It is also important to protect your data at all cost. For every American it is also important to check your credit at least once a year and look for any suspicious credit cards you were not aware of.


Informative Video on LivingSocial hacking


LivingSocial Hacked: Cyber Attack Affects More Than 50 Million Customers


Online deals site LivingSocial said its computer systems were hacked on Friday, which may have compromised the personal data of more than 50 million of its customers. Hackers gained access to customer data from the company’s servers, which included their names, email addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords, the company said. The cyber attackers did not gain access to the database where customers’ credit card information was stored, LivingSocial spokesman Andrew Weinstein told ABC News.



Report your fraud here!

Report your fraud here!

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