Fraud Dog Tips for Hurricane SANDY – sponsored by Contego Services Group from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo. The “Frankenstorm” that’s expected to place tens of millions of people in danger when Hurricane Sandy combines with a cold front coming off the Great Plains ...Read the rest

The Justice Department recently charged almost 100 people for federal insurance fraud involving $429 million in fraudulent claims. This take-down was one of the largest in Department of Justice History when it comes to the amount of fraudulent billings. Individuals from 7 cities across the ...Read the rest

A Louisiana couple pleaded guilty in a $100 million mail fraud scheme. One of the defendants admitted that she conspired with an insurance agent in order to obtain millions in life insurance policies. She did this by increasing her reported net worth and her annual income. The insurance agent was also ...Read the rest

Consumers are being warned in recent news alerts that con-artists are convincing individuals that there is a government program supported by President Obama that will provide them with $1,000 monthly to assist in covering their utility bills. They are using text messages, emails, door-to-door sales, and websites ...Read the rest

Check out Buster, the fraud fighting dog, warming up for her anti bullying campaign. No matter what age, race, religion, or social status you are, bullying has probably affected you in some way. The more we can educate ourselves on the definition of bullying, causes ...Read the rest

Maryland woman has been charged with 36 criminal charges involving $7 million in health care fraud. The woman was found guilty by a federal jury and was sentenced to jail. Evidence shows that the woman was CEO of the Health Advocacy Center in Washington DC. ...Read the rest