In a video released today, Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, LLC outlines tips for hurricane victims that may be targeted by fraudsters in the aftermath of the storm. States around the gulf coast are bracing for Hurricane Isaac to make landfall as a ...Read the rest

Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, presents – Fraud Dog Tips During a Hurricane, Flood or Tornado, the fraudster is looking for targets like you. Don’t be a victim. Protect your self with these THREE Fraud Dog tips: 1. The Relief worker SCAM. Watch ...Read the rest

1 in 3 people will fall victim to fraud. Linda Webb is a world leader in the arena. Having worked with law enforcement and lead AIG’s global fraud fighting efforts. Now, she is launching a television show.

1. Man allegedly chopped off a friend’s hand to cash a $670,000 dismemberment claim. 2. Four women made up a man, faked his death and staged a funeral to claim 1.2 million in life insurance benefits. 3. Security camera captured a man allegedly faking an ...Read the rest

Florida is a state that is tested regularly for Seafood fraud, which is why investigators were alarmed when they found that 1 out of 3 times, you will be served a less expensive fish than the fish you are purchasing. Sushi restaurants are one of the ...Read the rest

Olympics Bring Fraudsters Preying on Innocent Tourists

Since the first day of the Olympics, police investigators have detained over 30 people for scalping tickets to the Olympic Games. In addition, several companies were required to pay full refunds for tickets they were not authorized to sell, but sold over 15,000. The troubles ...Read the rest

Is Hacking Just a Game to Fraudsters?

Fraudster’s have taken hacking to a whole new level! Defcon is an annual organized hacker convention in Las Vegas.  Participants gather key detailed information  from different companies in an attempt to obtain all the data points in an organization. The convention also allows hackers to share ...Read the rest

While the 2012 Olympics were in full swing in London, across the globe, Founder & CEO of Patriot National Insurance Group, Steven Mariano was honored at Woosuk University, in South Korea. With his family and long time instructor Master Sang Koo Kang in attendance, Mariano ...Read the rest

Found Alive

22 year old, Johnathan Roth, was charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud for filing a false police report to obtain $50,000 from his life insurance policy claiming that his father was missing off of Jones Beach. His father was found unharmed in South Carolina days ...Read the rest

Data is KING

Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, was recently quoted in an article published in the Sun Sentinal, discussing the vulnerability of data as it is so accessible to anyone with access to the computer. Palm Beach County Health Department discovered that an employee had obtained and documented a ...Read the rest