Fraud Expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog,  was asked to be recognized at the event for her company’s, Contego Services Group, involvement in the task force that helped to make this sting operation possible. ‘Operation Dirty Money’ is a joint task force operation that shut ...Read the rest

The Fraud Dog Recognized at ‘Operation Dirty Money’: 8 Arrested in the “Cheat to Compete” Scheme

Fraud expert, Linda Webb, was in attendance at the unveiling of ‘Operation Dirty Money’, a joint task force operation that shut down a workers’ compensation fraud check cashing scheme taking place in South Florida. Webb, President of Contego Services Group, LLC, was asked to be ...Read the rest

Fraudsters Short Sales May Lead You to NO Sale

In a news report out last week, South Florida homeowners and title insurance companies are being warned about fake short sale approval letters from Bank of America. Fraudsters are counterfeiting letters to local homeowners with similar language and the bank’s logo. Bank of America has ...Read the rest

In a recent report out of Pennsylvania, a homeless woman, Michelle Lee Luzik, was arrested for impersonating a doctor’s office employee in order to obtain prescription drugs. Luzik allegedly scammed area pharmacies over the last month filling prescriptions for Hydromet, a cough syrup containing hydrocodone. Luzik, ...Read the rest

In a report out last week, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued an alert to consumers warning that fraudsters are taking advantage of citizens and posing as government officials to obtain personal information. The fraudster is claiming that he or she is calling from the ...Read the rest

Elizabeth DeMaria was wanted on 11 counts of fraud and 11 counts of theft when she jumped 35 floors to her death. There was a search warrant released for DeMaria after she failed to show up at a court-mandated status check while out on bail. ...Read the rest

In New York, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch has announced that 98 people have been charged in connection with prescription drug trafficking investigations. Those being charged include doctors, patients, and alleged dealers. The alleged dealers, also known as “doctor shoppers”, were getting drugs from doctors and ...Read the rest

Lucille Jacobs, a 99-year-old Boca Raton woman, was the victim of robbery when a woman dressed in maternity clothes came knocking at her door. Jacobs’ daughter advised her to never answer the door, but the woman wouldn’t stop knocking and ringing the doorbell. The woman claimed ...Read the rest

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says that fraudsters are finding more and more creative ways through social media and paperless bill processing to get customers information. It is important to read notifications that you receive from companies you do business with to ...Read the rest

Russell Wasendorf Sr., founder and chairman of Peregrine Financial Group in Iowa, attempted to kill himself after his firm was unable to account for $220 million in customer money. His employees found him in his car with a suicide note and a tube connecting the ...Read the rest