1. Man allegedly chopped off a friend’s hand to cash a $670,000 dismemberment claim.

2. Four women made up a man, faked his death and staged a funeral to claim 1.2 million in life insurance benefits.

3. Security camera captured a man allegedly faking an injury on a wrecked bus to file for an insurance claim for his injuries.

4.  Insurance salesman allegedly faked suicide after convincing a family member to buy a 2 million dollar life insurance policy. He also stole 2 million dollars from his client’s accounts before the incident. The man was found alive and charged with 2 counts of wire fraud.

5. New Jersey police officer allegedly reported his car stolen and then drove it for three years after collecting $10,000 from his insurance company.

6. LA Police officer allegedly shot himself in the stomach while wearing a bullet proof vest and was charged with insurance fraud and planting false evidence.

7. Deleware man allegedly set his home and car on fire and blamed it on bad cooking skills to collect insurance coverage.

8. 72-year-old woman convicted of staging 20 counts of insurance fraud for staging slip-and-falls in various grocery stores, liquor stores and department stores to support her gambling addiction.

9. Texas wife helps husband dig up dead body, burn it, and file a 110,000 dollar claim on his life insurance policy.

10. Two jewelry store owners hired people to steal from their own store in an attempt to save their failing store. To cover their tracks, they poured drain cleaner onto the security camera to destroy evidence and then filed a 7 million dollar claim.

11. A Washington man allegedly used Wikipedia photos to file a $20,000 insurance claim on his nonexistent pet cat. The man claimed that his cat was killed in a car accident but it was later found that the photos the man was providing were gathered from the internet and the man never owned the cat.

12. A 59-year-old woman filed a$10,000 claim for a $1,000 fur coat that was never stolen.

Fraud Expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says people do desperate things for money. In the past 15 years, she has seen people mutilate their bodies, stage accidents, and do some stupid things to try to receive insurance claim money through fraudulent ways. Stronger enforced fraud laws are needed to put these fraudsters in jail. Fraudsters who are desperate for money can be quite creative when trying to devise how to stage a fraudulent insurance claim. Working as The Fraud Dog and President of Contego Services Group, we see our fair share of fraudulent claims. We have zero tolerance for fraudsters and we seek justice in stopping all suspicious claims. It is important to have a strong fraud department in any business to ferret out fraud, says Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog.


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