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Looking back at over 2012 there were some common scams that should be noted, as well as add a few more to be aware of for 2013. When traveling on vacation, visiting families, or business, the last thing you think about is being scammed. In fact most people traveling are so focused on where they are going, that they are not watching out for the fraudster says fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka the Fraud Dog. Here are some scams to watch out for.


1.       Free Wi-Fi in hotels, are a haven for the fraudster. Remember some fraudsters are great hackers, so watch out as they would love to steal all your information from your computer.

2.       Front desk scam, where someone calls your room identifying themselves as the front desk clerk saying your credit card on file is not working. The fraudster asks you over the phone to give a new credit card. Don’t do it. Go down to the front desk and report it immediately.

3.       Watch out for those extra fees on your hotel bill, like movies you did not watch or items taken out of your room refrigerator.

4.       Report safety hazards as you may help someone from slipping and the fraudster is always looking for something to slip and fall on inside the hotel to report an insurance claim.

5.       Don’t throw your hotel receipts away in hotel trash cans, because fraudsters love to take those receipts to steal your identity and claim insurance claims or add merchandise to your hotel room.

6.       Watch out for uncommon websites selling hotel rooms, as you may be just giving the fraudster your credit card information, and you may not get that hotel room either.

7.       Don’t be afraid to report all hotel irregularities, unclean rooms, and hotel promises not fulfilled. Remember hotels cannot improve if they don’t know the problems.

8.       Be sure hotel representative have identification. Also valets, and baggage handlers as well. Remember imposters can blend in. Be careful also for the person who suddenly wants to help you in the room.

9.       Be sure you know about any hidden fees as you are checking in, like gym and fitness fees. Be sure to ask for full disclosure of all resort fees.

10.   Don’t let someone drive off with your luggage, and be sure you are dealing with real taxi drivers. Imposters are everywhere.


It is always best to be alert when traveling and always be sure to look around in these unfamiliar areas. Don’t let the fraudster catch you off guard, says Linda Webb, the Fraud Dog. Always tell someone.

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